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Is there any point at all to keeping the "roll to cover" ability and the handful of abilities that need it to be used ( aimed shot and explosive probe come to mind) binded when you select operative over sniper at lvl 10? I haven't used the cover mechanic in forever so I'm thinking no. But, with medium armor and the aggro I often generate while healing I suppose using cover would make me less squishy. But on the other hand, when I do attack almost all of the abilities are melee and the kolto/surgical probes allow for mobility so...maybe? Seems like having in allows for more versatility but I can't really think of when I would use it.
Yes it is still useful but it becomes more of an advance tactic in practice. With practice you'll eventually see the benefit of quickly crouching to use explosive probe and then getting out of crouch and continue whatever you were doing. Explosive probe does a good amount of damage, and do knock back on regular enemies, and hit those around the target. Also, depending on how you want to do your first strike it can be useful to be in crouch when you attack so an enemy doesn't leap to you and instead has not option to leap or has to leap to a fellow player or companion.

In pvp i use it a lot as a lethality operative. It negates people jumping to me and gives me a snipe which is a good range attack. This way, I'm already doing decent damage before he even gets into my melee range which is where i do even more damage but you've negated a melee class some damage to you while he ran up to you. This can also be used against melee npcs.