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Another question that has to be considered:
You mentioned outdamaging everyone. What numbers are we talking about? Because 70k damage isn't sth impossible for me in a Rycer and there are people that are way better with it than me.
Good question indeed. The player went over 100k each match. He did so much damage so fast that nobody from the rest of his team went over 10k (think I'm being generous with that number).

Good player on our side (at least that's my opinion of the guy/girl) hit around 30k, I hit around 25k but we were dead most of the round lol. Rest of the squad <10k.
Again, I consider it entirely possible that one player simply owns the match. It was more that the amount of difference was so high and I don't remember ever being so owned by what seemed only ions but phalczen gave a good explanation on that.
Guess it's back to flight school for me