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1) TDM or DOM? Because if TDM, damage overcharge powerup may be in play
2) There's a really good type 1 strike build that where the player uses the 1 key to constantly swap weapons and nearly continuously firing, usually alternating between heavies and quads. I guess it could be used with ions and something else, though once the shields are down its not quite as effective as the main build. Drako and his team call it the piledriver build.
3) What are you in? Scouts can be melted a lot quicker than other ships under certain scenarios. Charged plating ships can suffer from the build I describe in #2 which has a lot of shield piercing and armor ignore, both of which take advantage of the bleedthrough on charged plating.

There's a lot of potential variables. But, even a "piledriver" build under DO takes a few blaster hits to destroy a fully hulled/shielded strike.

To quote the Sith Warrior, "Some elaboration is required."
Thanks for the reply.
I have to admit I think it more likely that I/we were simply outplayed by a superior pilot. I was just so stunned that I sat there staring at my screen for a few minutes after two matches, figured I might as well just ask.

The build you're describing does seem a likely scenario. I can't say I noticed any difference in performance against different types of vessels. I flew with a quell or sting mostly but also tried a more tanky legion. Performance of the enemy pilot was equally effective in TDM and DOM. I was mostly just surprised by it being ions that tore everything to shreds.