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02.05.2020 , 08:16 AM | #2

Hangar legacy-wide is a bit "meh" since every char has different ship combos...
Now ship-requisition on the other hand... legacy-wide, yes please

for less populated servers a 4v4 option, we haven t even enough pilots to fill one proper 12v12 sometimes ( matches end after 30 seconds), priorization of 8v8 vs 12v12 (more maps would be popping)

one or maybe two new / different modes ( DOM and DM are really not enough), maybe a PVE map for group (escort the bomber and protect it from ambushes (by other players maybe?) )

limitation of specialist ships per map like GS and Bombers on the field (yeah 4 GS guarded by 2 Bombers breaks any match, any fun in dogfighting, any immersion and any "pew pew starship lasors" feeling there is)... will add more later if i come up with something