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09.14.2015 , 01:14 PM | #54
Hey there, first off, for any questions, you'll want to post on this thread:

That thread is the one that is consistently updated for new patches.

Second, if you go into your preferences, you can change it so that you can see class icons above your team mate's and your enemy's heads. This will allow you to immediately identify who is playing what class. As far as figuring out who the tank is, a jugg will be in Soresu form, a powertech will be in Ion Gas Cylinder and an Assassin will be in Dark Charge. These are stances that appear on their buff bars, you'll just have to get used to what each buff looks like to be able to quickly identify them on the bars.

As far as sorc dps/healers go, you'll just have to wait and see what abilities they cast. If they cast Innervate, it's 100% a sorc healer.