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question to krea :

thanks again for awesome guide , i want to ask some question
i saw your map guide that posted today which is great and i want to ask this
how you decide to plant the phasewalk , i mean there are green ( to LOS heal to full) and red for offensive ( to catch fleeing enemy that try to LOS you)

i usually pick green place so whenever i got focus i can escape and then heal to full , but if i place on red ones and then i got focus and then phase walk to place that enemies can see then i am doomed
so i can say now green phase walk is for defensive and red for offensive ----> how you decide where you plant your phase walk ?

thank you
It depends entirely on the enemy team's composition. If they have a lot of Ranged Dps, I will place it in a green location, so that I can LoS easier when I need to escape. If the dps are Melee, I will place it in a green location. If they're ranged, but I know that I can beat them, or am feeling confident, I will place it in a red location.