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I, Berjiault, he who dominated Warhammer as a Magus, and performed as a templar in Aion with unyielding mediocrity, do solemnly support Scream "the Davinator's'" decision to turn Daragon Trail into the third (if not fourth) most popular pvp server on the west cost.

As a side note- I have never before met this Scream character, but I am assured that he is both extremely intelligent and most admirably handsome (no ****).

Back to the point at hand, I beleive Daragon Trail would be an excellent pvp server for the following reasons.

First off, Daragon Trail is an anagram of 'I dalart groan', the meaning of which is obviously that this server is an excellent place to make players by the name of Dalart unhappy, through serious competition and sublime griefing attempts.

Secondly, Powertech's are the only class that is able to have a Jawa companion. This has very little to do with my thesis statement, but It seems as though it needs to be brought to the forefront regardless.

In conclusion, I, Berjiault a.k.a. Berji a.k.a. Berj a.k.a. Berj a Berj a.k.a "dude shut up, no one gives a ****" believe wholeheartedly that Daragon trail is an excellent server to meet new people and eventually have a Star-wars themed marriage, through the use of in-game avatars and the soundtrack of the Star Wars: A new Hope, all while sweaty nerds role-play heavily in a 15 slot-ventrilo.
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