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they *felt* assassins/shadows were too mobile. that was the reason given for the Grand Theft Phase Walk, pretty much verbatim. Which is still more informative (*snort*) than what happened for the very recent removal of stun DR mind you, we didn't even get a "we felt" BS about that.
Too mobile? Why do Operatives still have a shadowstep and two immunity rolls then? Why do Snipers have a Roll (and a reset cooldown for that roll) while the class is designed to be stationary? Why can literally every Range DPS (except for snipers (thank god)) cast skills while moving? Why do Sorcs get Force Speed, Phasewalk and an "Oh **** Squirrels!"- Paladinbubble? Why do Fury Maras get a ******** of immunities, jumps and rootbreak predations? Why do Juggernauts get a ******** of jumps and dashes?

Literally EVERY Class right now is more mobile than Assassins x) Great Job Bioware!

I mean, what do you people expect of a Dev-Team that can only play Sorcs/Sages on their Devstreams?

Here a video to show you people why bioware can't properly balance this game:

Enjoy yourselves and have a good laugh!

P.S.: Not my video.
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