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You are incorrect. A companion range is what....30 meters/feet. I understand that if I attack at 35 meters/feet the companion would move to within range of the enemy, so he/she would move 5 feet/meters ahead of the player. As it stands now if I am a ranged DPS and I stand at 30 meters/feet from the enemy the range healer companion will run ahead to 15 meters/feet from the enemy, that does not make sense. I have been playing since beta nonstop to present and this is not how companions have always functioned. Companions were broken when the devs decided that companions can serve all roles healer/dps/tank, I am not looking for a stay command. When this game launched companions did not rush ahead as they do now. I am not requesting anything new.
Again, that depends on the companion you're using and their weapon. Some of the ranged comps are of the Scoundrel/Operative type and their weapon range is well under thirty meters. I'm not having any issues with the ranged companions running anywhere near the npc's, they stay at a distance and fire. Hypothetically, lets say you're right, which I have yet to experience, and they do indeed move to what you're saying, then that's still plenty of distance to not get destroyed by said npc's. Unless your companion is of the tank type, and you're not pulling everything around you, you shouldn't be having any issues with your companion getting destroyed at range. So far you're the only one I've heard of having this issue. That's not to say it isn't happening, but I know first hand, from my point of view, this is simply not the case.
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