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Well it is indisputable that there are no SGRA's in the game and that there won't be for any definition of foreseeable future.
That is, indeed, indisputable. That's fact.

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I suppose you could claim "oh i bet they are really work hard on it" but seriously we all know they aren't.
No, we don't. Some people can assume that but we simply don't know what movement they've put toward it because they haven't released that. We all know they haven't put them in-game yet, that's all.

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BW themselves said it was "delayed" without even an ambiguous attempt at when it might no longer be "delayed". Anyone that has spent time playing MMO's knows what that means.
Anyone who plays MMOs knows what it often means, and that might be true in this case or it might not be. We don't have enough data to say conclusively one way or the other. This is all speculation - and it might even be accurate speculation - but don't try to say it's solid fact because it isn't.

  • SGRAs are not in the game yet.
  • Whatever effort has or has not been put into SGRAs it has not yet resulted in their inclusion in the game.
  • Communication with EA/BW:A has been poor (to put it mildly).
  • As a general consensus most people (probably all) who want SGR content want it as romantic arcs with companions.
  • That's not coming with Makeb and there's no projection on when it's coming.

THOSE are the facts. And that's not optimism, it's just factual truth. As I've said, you might be absolutely spot on with your assumptions but that doesn't make them facts, and you might be wrong.
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