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Dude your so way off it's scary, i will give you a hint... jedi dont need armors in the actual canon star wars universe
they have the force and lightsabers.......get it ? btw why even post like this when you have no clue whats so ever i mean really.
In the "actual" canon universe?

soooo... that would be the movies only then... and nothing but the movies?

The clone wars series obviously doesnt count since they do have armor there.

Admit it, you simply want a robe so you can look like obi-wan kenobi but without losing your precious heavy armor bonus.

Well, since you can now prance around in a bikini and still get heavy armor i say why not. Im mostly ticked off at the general attitude in this thread that you somehow know more about what is "correct" star wars than me or anyone else.
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