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To all the contrarian posters is this thread, why does it possibly matter to you? There is a sizable population of players that want these types of iconic armor sets.

What is it in your deluded little, self-important world that would make you oppose a reasonable request that would help thousands of fellow player enjoys the game more and thus make the game more successful??????????????????????????
Because its kinda silly to request looks from the movies that take place thousands of years later and are only iconic because of that?
Because its already possible to have these outfits in the game but you have to sacrifice your heavy armor (wich makes sense since plain cloth isnt really "heavy armour")?
Because your "sizable" portion is simply anecdotal and not based on anything but a few people whining about it here over and over?
Because the OP said "actually want to look like they do in the real star wars universe" as if this isnt part of the "real" star wars?
Because this is a completely different era where jedi are soldiers, not peacekeeping diplomats and thus wear armour (you know, kinda like they do in the clone wars? But im guessing thats not "iconic")?
Because its already possible to do this in-game? Oh wait, i said that already didnt i?
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