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And, once again, instead of fixing already existing system, bw think its easier to remove it and replace with much simpler one...
Might wanna come up with a good fix yourself which can seemlessly be implemented without breaking something else, before aimlessly blaming BW. Which, as a software developer myself, is not an easy thing to just do in an existing complex application. I can't even begin to count the hours I've spent developing systems and just making sure there weren't any adverse side-effects on related systems or disrupted existing states within the application. The amount of unit, integration and system testing I've done and writing test documentation for relatively simple additions to existing applications, still gives me nightmares at times. Especially when service downtime is a big fat no-no. And with added complexity, this issue only grows.

In fact, I like the elegance of a simpler skill system. Especially when most players went with FoTM theorycrafted cookie cutter-specs pasted all over the forums and Reddit anyway. The only thing hybrid skill trees gave, was the illusion of complexity while creating a large imbalance between classes, which was impossible to properly mitigate without massively disappointing parts of the playerbase.

But hey, keep on believing that, as you say, 'fixing an already existing system' is something easily accomplished.
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