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Figured I would shake things up a little, and add in something new to my Analysis. Super weapons! Most are familiar with the Death Stars, but there are other unique and interesting ones out there and so to begin lets have a look at the Dark Reaper!

"If Dooku restores the Reaper, it will mean the end of the Republic."

―Mace Windu
The Dark Reaper was a super weapon created by the Sith and it worked by draining The Force out of all living things and then in turn used that energy to deal massive damage to objects. (Think of it like Force Drain only on a big scale) The Reaper was also equipped with dark side powered turbolasers, during the Great Sith War Exar Kun used it many times against the Republic however Ulic Qel-Droma told the Jedi in how to defeat the Reaper and to withstand its effects. Thousands of years later during the Clone Wars, Count Dooku sought to reconstruct the Dark Reaper, finding its main power source the Force Harvester on Raxus Prime and used it on Kashyyyk which destroyed an entire forest as a way to test its power.

Dooku then used it to gather the energy on Dac, Agamar and Bakura and then searched for the rest of the pieces finding them all though the exact locations are unknown. Dooku then activated the Dark Reaper on Thule and activated the Reaper in one of the ancient Sith cities, while Anakin went to Ulic's tomb to find a way to withstand the effects of the Dark Reaper and to destroy it. Later Anakin then led the attack on Thule, confronting and destroying the Dark Reaper alone disobeying his master and though the Dark Reaper was destroyed the knowledge that Anakin gained indirectly stirred him more towards the darkside.


Main Power Source: Force Harvester

Armament: Force Harvester that drained the force in its surroundings and could also send out powerful blasts of said energy to destroy targets, Darkside powered turbolasers.


Simple View

Thoughts: A rather interesting superweapon to be sure, very unique in that it works by using The Force rather then anything else rather even more unique in that not only does it drain things of The Force but also it uses it too as a weapon.
"There is one lesson you've yet to learn. How to become one with the Force!"
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