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If you can't just take a few seconds every thirty minutes to refresh your gathering missions, and about 5 minutes a day to put everything in the GTN, the problem is you - not the game.

Seriously, 30k is all you need. You can make 100k-500k a night depending on crits and attention span while you warzone your brains out for a few hours. I do it, and made over a million in profit last week rather lazily.

I don't know why anyone would need over a million credits a week. Increased rewards would be nice, but it's no where near needed like the case you're making.
The problem is that the people who do PvE can do this as well. So the problem the OP is talking about PvPers' funds remains unchanged : PvPers earn less than PvEers.

In addition, I don't think the incomes from selling materials will remain high if everyone start to farm missions and sell the mats. The GTN would become overflown by these and they wouldn't sell at all. So no, this kind of solution isn't viable when the problem affects everyone, because its interrest becomes null if applied to everyone.