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Quote: Originally Posted by DecoyThree View Post
His post is confusing, but I think it's safe to assume he meant keypress. Mouse-over targeting wouldn't work if he were clicking his skills, as he'd have no target.

I have to say, mouse-over targeting is a huge QoL improvement, and I'm very disappointed that it's not available in this game.
I'd disagree, based on my experiences with mouse-over targeting in Tera. That style of healing is certainly more engaging than the whack-a-mole method of selecting based on raid frames that SWTOR has...

But it also causes more delay between ability activations (since you have to find the person on your screen first, and if they are running away from your cursor then that gets twice as annoying). Mouse-over targeting is also inefficient if you have everyone stacking close together, since in that case there would a high probability that your carefully aimed heal will lock onto someone else instead.