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I don't know how many people will find this helpful - there's already optimal stats out there, that don't use the hard to get (if they even exist) things like vigilant/steadfast 258s.

How does this stat efficiency compare to actual tank performance? Is 6000 extra hitpoints is really worth losing 1 to 2 percent defense? Most gearing guides for tanks suggest at least 2000 points in defense.

I"ve seen some tanks in pve that have geared for maximum hitpoints/damage over shield/absorb and they are noticiably squishier than tanks with proper shield/absorb. Extra hitpoints don't help much when you're taking more damage then you should be. It makes times when you get raid-wide aoe damage more aggravating too since you're so busy keeping the tank alive that there aren't a lot of extra heals to toss at the dps.

TBH the tanks who gear for dps are a right pita to heal. Forget getting any dps from the healers when you have to keep using the big heals on the squishy tank.
Main reason I wrote this is because the most recent "optimal stats" guide for Tanks I could find was from 5.2, and even then it offered no explanation as to why you should build that way.

I will agree with you 100% about the idiocy of Tanks dropping Shield/Absorb in favor of straight Health. They shouldn't be unless they know exactly why they are making the trade and can show the affect on their damage taken is counterbalanced by whatever stat they traded for.

The only stat I highly recommend dropping for Health is Defense (from the Mods), because even without any Warding Mods all classes are above 25% Defense chance which is more than adequate.
Don't ever learn how to tank.
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