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Never played a Jugg or any tank so I've started on today.
I figure I'm better doing the class misssions as DPS then I can learn to tank when I've unlocked the abilities at a higher level.

Is there a big difference between Vengeance and Rage? Which would you recommend?
Story and leveling is easy, if you want to play this jugg as a tank at 70, you might as well level it as a tank, you'll already have the basic understanding of it's abilities when you get to 70, so you'll just need to learn more encounter-specific things. Jugg specifically has very solid damage on low level and when scaled down on planets. You just need to get Crushing Blow at 26 and you can start almost oneshotting packs of enemies. If it feels a bit slow, nothing is stopping you from wearing dps gear while leveling. Small amounts of tank stats are pretty meaningless, anyway.