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Back on topic folks. There is already a giant thread debating whether or not SGRs belong in the game. This thread is not about that.
A reminder, perhaps.

I would target three items as higher priority than SGRA:

First, PVP-Balance.
The Rage-Specialization for Juggernaughts and Marauders, the Static-Barrier Backlash Effect for Sorcerers, and the DPS builds for both Sorcerers and Mercenaries need to be addressed.

Second, Client Optimization & General Bug Fixes
Whether it be infrequent but highly intense moments of inexplicable lag, ability delays, persistent Flashpoint Bugs, et al, Bioware needs to optimize this thing. 11 FPS next to the GTN is annoying.

Third, Endgame PVE Expansion.
I consider Makeb a mini-expansion at best and the abandonment of individual class stories is not something I support. If Bioware is to extend the PVE story it should do so with a real expansion pack.

Given an extra, Crafting needs attention.
Between the undercutting of the Cybertech Ship Part market or the Artifice Crystal Market and the annoying state of the Re-system crafters in general need to be resituated as indispensible components of the economy. At this point I literally have no use for any crafter unless I want to skip the BH Com grind for one item.

SSSP, SGRA, Mini-Games, even World PVP can be moved higher into priorities after the core gameplay is addressed.