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Can someone tell me why my base power is 0, but I have 80 power. Just returning to the game after 6 years. I don't remember it being 0 before.
Only stats that you have from your character itself have a base. In essence endurance, mastery and presence. Everything else has no base and comes purely from gear and class bonuses.

Maybe that used to be different but that's how it is now. I suspect that if it was different then they removed it because of the amount of stat points coming from gear increasing with every new tier of gear.

On my commando for example I see a 900 base for endurance but over 16000 total. So base stats are at a bare minimum. It can also have something to do with how bolster, level sync and level lock work.

But it seems to me that the 80 points of power come from your gear and that's normal.
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