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No, I don't, Rivan. I didn't take you for one of those who would gleefully blort "I told you so".

Where we do disagree is coming into an MMO written by a studio who is known for their story based games and expecting what, for lack of better terms, I'll call a "standard MMO". It wasn't going to be that way, never meant to be that way. Yes, it's an MMO but it's a different one.

I have absolutely NO problem with it being a story-based MMO. In fact, I quite like that aspect. Makes a change from all the other "standard" MMOs. It's BW.

Not sure why you took my "I'm really getting bored with the same people trying to fob off the same BS" as aimed at you. It was not. It was aimed at those who make sweeping statements, expect everyone to believe their opinion is fact and get right shirty if people don't.
But it WAS going to be that way. It was absolutely that way, in fact... for the first 3 years of its life. You all act like we want something we can't have... but we've had it! We had it for the first more than half of the game's life. All we're asking is to have that BACK.

And one of the reasons we loved it is so precisely because it was more story focused. We get that people love story! Guess what? We loved it too! It was the thing that immersed us and tied us into the other parts of the game. I paraphrase what KBN famously said here, but story is FLAVOR. It gives flavor to the content. If it is enough for you, then you should be playing single player games that give you much better story for much, much, much cheaper! We want what we used to have in SWTOR... and that includes GROUP content. With both of those things? SWTOR is the end-all, be-all. If only...
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