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I love your posts they always get right to the crux of the matter.

I believe swtor - whether intentionally or not - used to be a uniquely fulfilling raiding experience.

Team size, SM/HM/NM, no attunement, interesting mechanics....

You could have one or two nights a week where you spent 2 hours with a few friends and actually make some progress. It was nothing like my older days of WoW and nothing like W*. You could raid casually at any difficulty level. Yes, including NM.

It was perfect. And more or less, spotty QA aside, I loved the encounters. I tried going back to WoW. Hated it. I began downloading FF. Stopped because I realize I love this game too much to switch while there is still some life left in it.

But nearly everyone in this part of the community is gone. I've recently begun running a team of 9 players with a rotation since it's literally impossible to find people to sub in for NM when someone needs a night off.

I guess my frustration comes from reading post after post of people describing the raiding community as toxic/elitist/exclusionary.... when my personal experience is that the best part of my online gaming life which began back with Q2 and EQ1 has been endgame here. The community here was fantastic. The forums are far more toxic.

And, IMO what little of the community that is left is just as helpful/enabling/generous with their time as ever.

I just see it as strange, knowing this community, why everyone is in such a rush to see the rest of us go.
You and I quite often see eye to eye. Thank you for continuing in that vein with this post as well. I was there and loved every minute of it, too. It was a fantastic time and the best raiding in any MMO that I've played (and I've played a LOT of them!). Unfortunately, if people weren't in that community or in the game at that point in time, they don't understand what we are pining for... and don't know what they are missing. It's another part of the vicious circle... don't make new operations so people don't know they'd love operations if only Bioware would do a new one once in awhile. Self-fulfilling prophecy style "metrics".

What server are you on, by chance?
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