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Oh I see the two casts in the sample are combined.

Well, it may have took a page of back and forth and while I would not say that I am convinced I would definitely want to see the hypothesis examined by either Noim or Orderken. Figuring out whether it is mathematically sound, let alone correct is beyond me. For instance I have no idea where you got the cooldown coefficient from (even after scanning formulas and delving into the first page of the spreadsheet).

If it proves to be correct, bravo to you Nibbon. Will it also affect the DPS gearing or is the fact that half the slots are taken up by accuracy too restrictive?
The coefficient isn't exactly a real thing, per se. It was just my best way of explaining it. What is really happening is the cooldown timing, it creates the "dynamic coefficient". Again, the most basic explanation is - your best abilities have a cooldown, so you have to use a filler between cooldowns, thus your HPS (or DPS) does not increase by the cast time - it still has to account for the cooldowns and when those spells are specifically casted (and how much the lesser heals actually hit for in comparison to the bigger heals). Obviously saying that there is a dynamic coefficient is easier, even if it is a half truth. The reason it is true is because there is always a number you can apply to another number to reach ... any number. The mere fact that it is dynamic makes it not exactly a coefficient. Sorry if I am being extremely confusing, but I assure you that I have a full understanding of it in my own head even if I have trouble expressing it to others.

As for DPS - it is already taken into account: That is my thread that I created at the beginning of 2.0. No one has really disputed it as far as I am aware. Obviously DPS is a lot more simple and straightforward than healing because you actually have a real rotation to follow. The only trouble I have proving that it exists for heals too is because healing is a much more dynamic activity DPS also has the advantage of dummy parses - of which I do quite well on myself, but also the people following my advice tend to be up towards the top. Obviously there are exceptions, but beyond just blaming them on luck, I can mathematically prove they are luck by drawing a line between expected crit damage and actual crit damage. I can go on about that for a while, but hopefully that is sufficient enough of an explanation as needed ;p

edit: p.s. - I don't know Noim or Orderken, but happy to discuss my analysis and methodology with them.