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The orange line in the first link? That is the alacrity cooldown coefficient that most of that bottom half of my previous post is about. The orange line is the actual benefit to your HPS from the percentage of alacrity along the same x-axis.

And while that second paragraph was for someone else, I agree with / understand the sentiment
Oh I see the two casts in the sample are combined.

Well, it may have took a page of back and forth and while I would not say that I am convinced I would definitely want to see the hypothesis examined by either Noim or Orderken. Figuring out whether it is mathematically sound, let alone correct is beyond me. For instance I have no idea where you got the cooldown coefficient from (even after scanning formulas and delving into the first page of the spreadsheet).

If it proves to be correct, bravo to you Nibbon. Will it also affect the DPS gearing or is the fact that half the slots are taken up by accuracy too restrictive?
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