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At low levels you cannot learn tanking: you do not have the skills, passives ,gear or utilities to even get a ball park view of how your discipline will fair. The best you can do is:
  1. Reads your discipline - Follow the discpline path and read what each skill and each passive will give you. This will help you to understand how to manage your DCD's and what abilities will proc a Passive DCD.
  2. Go to Dufly. com and read up on your role. The guides are not up-to-date but they are stil lrelevant and still give a fair representation of each class.
  3. Watch a Tanking guide on youtude - These guides are narrated and covers gearing, rotation and aggro management.
  4. Know the Content - The best way to become and effective tank is to know the content. For example, it is easier to Line-of-sight (LOS) mobs on the first pull in Hammer Station than to just charge in.
  5. Play a DPS and A healer first - If you cna see things from the perspective of a DPS and a Healer, you will be a more effective tank.