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Basically what Kendra said (although in my experience, seeing a level 50 tank in a MM queue is usually an insta-decline by someone...) and I think having an understanding of how threat and taunts work in this game helps a lot, also knowing what moves do what as a tank (if it's single target, aoe etc.) Also know the mechanics well if doing harder content, since as a tank you'll be taking most/all of the direct boss damage) If doing veteran FPs, since most adds die in a blink of an eye, your best bet to learning is just probably to gather adds so they can die faster via AOEs, and get aggro on as many adds as possible so your group takes less damage, and in boss fights, try to keep aggro for as long as possible. And yes low-level tanks can definitely be quite squishy since you won't have some of your passives and even some DCDs yet.
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