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Personally I say get rid of pvp gear altogether (save for cosmetics) and increase the amount of comms it takes to get the pieces. If it takes x hours to go through a raid and you get 1 drop and some coms.... It should be fairly easy to convert this to an equivalent number of wazones and coms to get the equivalent gear.

I like pvp... Pve is ok. But I tell you this... I like the balance of bolster, at least in theory. Pvp should be more about skill than gear. You want rewards for pvp... Get titles and new shells, or special effects for your weapons. Seriously if you claim to enjoy pvp, then get pissed because yiu don't out gear other people... And can't three shot them... You don't really like pvp. You like stroking your own ego and waxing poetic about how great you are.

The good pvpers on my server will beat me with equal or near equal gear. The bads won't, And they will cry about it. Yes I have EWH. Did the grind suck? NOPE. Why because I play for the competition not for the ego stroke. Personally I also hope that min maxing goes away. When I walk into the metaphorical arena it's me and my team vs you and yours. No advantages... A swords a sword, a tridents a trident, a shields a shield. It's a matter if skill and sweat. If I pvp 30 minutes a week and we both have the same spec and same gear (or bolstered equivalent) and I do better than you... That's not because of bolster... That's because you aren't as good as you think you are.

Thank goodness for the gear gap closure. Now when I beat someone I know it's not because I out geared them... And when I lose I know it's because they were better.
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