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Anyone who can tell you decisively whether PvP gear (of same tier) is better than PvE gear (of same tier) or vice versa is wrong. Given it is only recently revealed a set of Underworld gear nets you 1322 Expertise it is not even possible to theorycraft prior to this point unless everyone magically already knows this but never shared it. I ran through a lot of numbers yesterday and equipping items to simlate this (WH power relic lets you simulate any change in main stat and power since it only has power) and the conclusion I get is that for the problematic pieces, like the UW weapon, the only way to know which is better is to have both pieces of gear, parse them in live conditions. The parse will reveal UW to do some % more damage, and then you have to guess whether this increase in DPS makes up for your decreased survivality, which might not even be decreased due to the fact that PvE gear have the intimidation factor (PvE gear gives you more HP, people tend to get discouraged when seeing a guy with 30K HP and attack someone else with less HP, so it's possible to increase your survivality this way).

1322 is roughly a 40% bonus. What is certain is that a full set of UW isn't going to do 20% more damage and take 20% less damage than a full set of Conqueror. But we know the contribution of each piece is not uniform. The weapon is always the problematic slot as a weapon contains roughly 1/10 the expertise budget but contributes to something like 75% of your total healing/damage output (just try to PvE or PvP in a green weapon and see how well that works). The offhand is the next problematic part, especially for classes that do not depend on weapon damage. After that, expertise should win comfortably but since MH/OH contributes to the vast majority of your total output, it is of vital interest to know which is better, and right now the numbers are far too close to tell via theorycraft.

In some sense this is Bioware's fault. They should be aware that the numbers they have tuned is far too close to tell and history shows us people start believing the wrong things if you can't tell what's the correct choice. At this point someone in Bioware needs to come out and tell us exactly what their numbers is supposed to indicate for the problematic slots, namely the MH/OH. We need something like 'Our numbers show using UW weapon increases DPS by 3% and HP by 0.75%, which should be offset by the 2% expertise modifier you get'. You don't necessarily have to agree with these numbers, and they may even be wrong, but we need this as a reference point because it is unrealistic to expect players to come up with these numbers themselves.