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If your expertise is 1720 you're doing something wrong probably mixing pve and pvp mods on a single piece of gear... (remember your wh/ewh is now PVE gear) big nono for bolster.. and 1850 is quite low also.
Exactly m8y, im afraid plenty of the people complaining bout this issue are all the majority of them those that dnt even read patch notes and the known bug list in our forums.
Im beting that they still have equipped BM, WH or EWH relics, some of them still have their WH/EWH expertise gems on their weapons and some others are mixing their new PVE WH/EWH gear with expertise mods etc or they just have orange items with former WH/EWH mods/enh/armorings and since they dnt give a rats *** to read BW devs postings reguarding this issue, they state what OP is saying, whatever let them talk and whinne, im done with these threads.
Ignorance sometimes is a bless but certanly isnt on an MMO, neither is stupidity for that matter.

There is a problem with augments that BW isnt aware off or was recently putted aware off but thats it.
Bolstering have issues, true, BW knows that and allready acknowledged that and have stated what u must do and not do reguarding the old PvP gear, READ.
So waky waky, its time to rise up 5 levels and when u hit 55, farm new PvP gear. Everyone below lvl 55 with ELITE WAR HERO/WAR HERO is a LOW LEVEL NOW as u were when u were lvl 20ish,30ish,40ish, and u had greens/blues/purples deal with it and shut up.
In the lvl 55 bracket Partisan/Conqueror gear is better than any PvE gear equipped.
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