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I am not entirely sure who to nominate. I think about someone like say Wedge Antilles, he could vape any other non-force sensitive in starfighter combat easily (Except maybe Baron Fel, his nephew Jagged, and Tycho Celchu). But put him on the ground and while he was capable with blasters, vibroblades and hand to hand, he wouldn't stand a chance against Grievous or the Fett's. He was also an above average tactician, though most of that came in Post-RotJ.

The Fett's too were both above average pilots, their hand to hand skills and weapon mastery was nearly second to none. But I am not sure they had much experience with large scale engagement tactics (small group sure) and both were loners who had pissed off or scared away anyone who was ever close to them. Send them against Thrawn or Antilles who both easily made allies and could command them in such a way as to make easy work of either Fett.