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Hey folks,

Are you planning on running Gods From the Machine in any difficulty? We want to know. Please let us know the following info:
  • What day and time are you going to run?
  • Which difficulty do you intend to run?
  • Have cleared this difficulty before?
  • Any other details you want to share about your group?
Matt just may be watching you during your run!

My guild and me are going to help you guys out. SM is routine for us on the Live servers. VM would be a first try (except Tyth for me) but we will be theoretically well prepared for it. MM maybe, but we first have to see how we perform in VM.

We are a very big guild on Tulak Hord with a core of many very capable players, so we just didn't try/had the time to test Gods VM yet since conquest is a big part of the daily gameplay while progression is not. We are nevertheless theoretically able to do it.
I'll let you know when I have a schedule. Starting times would probably be around 1 pm Austin time (8 pm our time) during the week and more loose on the weekend meaning also earlier would be possible then.

Nal'augh, guild master "The Conqueror Fleet" - Tulak Hord
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