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05.15.2015 , 06:37 AM | #16
GSF has one major issue and it's neither Premades not mastered ships. The simple fact is that SWTOR is not a flight sim. Its main focus has been and always will be the ground game. Adding GSF to SWTOR is like adding a flight simulator to Simcity, a first-person-shooter-mode to Civilization, or trade economics to Mass Effect.

Sure, some people enjoy both aspects of the game (I'm one of them), but the majority doesn't. Some people may give it a try from time to time and get discouraged, because the learning curve is steep and only few people will endure getting stomped on repeatedly until they get better. Some blame their lack of skill/experience on premades or gear gaps. But those things wouldn't be issues if we had enough players for the matchmaking to work properly.

Do I have a solution? No. As caedron wrote, trying to tell your team to hold back a little, so the new players get a chance to learn something, doesn't work. Telling people to watch tutorials and read all the great information out there doesn't work either.

I don't even think there's anything Bioware could do to make GSF more popular. Even if it was more integrated into the base game, most people would still not be interested in it. I may be wrong, but I think the reason why X-Wing Alliance was the last of its kind is simply this: not enough potential customers.

I'm usually not a fan of cross-server, but I agree that GSF queue times and matchmaking would benefit from it significantly. Unfortunately cross-server is even less likely than a new ship type or map.