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I'd just also like to chime in here and say that some of the most rewarding matches I've ever had were against teams/pilots I had no business winning against for whatever reason (Sometimes it's because it boils down to 3v1 effective, or 5v2 or whatever), but somehow, my team scrapes out a win. And it truly brings a smile to my face when my team gets all excited about the close win.

I actually was in a match the other day, and one of the people on my side, who by ships, had some experience at least, looked at the opposing team for our deathmatch, and was like, "Oh, x and y are on their team... GG" before the match even started. I laughed, and just said, "which way do you mean? ". We were up like 25-12, and I saw him pipe back up with the whole, "So I might have been premature with the 'gg' comment..." or something to that effect.

But the flip side is also true. Times I see 3/4/5 people in opposition that I consider aces, or at least strong vets, and my side is me and people with just the starter ships, and it's going to be all I can do to get a few kills, and not die repeatedly to focus. Honestly, the most frustrating games to me are the ones where I go something like 6-3-8-50k, because I'm doing damage well enough, but the focus on me kills me before I can usually seal the deal. There's no one to take the heat off, and it gets really, really frustrating in a hurry.

The frustrating games happen, even to us vets and aces. Even in the games where I'm hopelessly outclassed, I never quit, and I hope that by being there, and giving the opposition a competent pilot to shoot at (and who might actually swing a few battles here and there, even if not the match), I'm giving the people on my team some time to fly and learn without just exploding. It's still frustrating, but in hoping that being there helps others from getting completely farmed, I get a little bit of... solace, I guess.

I'll also note that a lot of the vets and aces, especially those who solo queue a lot, tend to swap factions a good deal on the attempt to even out matches to some degree. If I run into a bunch of vet friends in a match on my team, and there's no opposition, a couple of us will swap to try to help balance things out, because believe me... It's no fun being on the giving end of a slaughter either. I've had matches where I honestly did not have the heart to deal that killing blow because it's already 29-1 in a TDM, and I'm just not ruthless in that situation. I have the guy dead to rights 5 times over, but... I just can't, so I let him go. I like to think that maybe he gets a little confidence from being able to fly a bit longer before someone else who doesn't have my scruples comes along.

Anyway, Verain's blunt, but I think with this he's largely right. One of the best things you might be able to do against that team you're referring to would be to hop in the /cjoin GSF channel, and try to put a team together to fight them.

Out of curiosity, which server do you fly on?
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