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In fact I've been especially lenient concerning underworld characters, and several people have complained that its not fair because these combatants can just throw money at their opponents to win and buy whatever the hell they want.
I feel like a lot of this post is heated and passive-aggressive, so I'm only going to address what is not.

The fact is, that's what underworld characters do. They're not military powers. For the most part, their economical powers. They hire people, they're not factions with loyal-to-the-death soldiers. Large organizations hire other smaller groups to do their dirty work. For credits. Saying that underworld figures are unfair because they can buy what they want is like saying that its unfair for combatants like Revan or Grievous to build ships or droids. It's how they replenish their armies. And the rules do state the arena is the known galaxy. So saying that certain species don't exist is rather silly. There should be an argument about how/why these other people's would help underworld characters. Saying that they are not allowed to hire new people seems to be the easy way out of battling underworld types.

But, as you say, it's the rules. Who am I to argue against them?
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