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First off i will address the inevitable argument that concealment parses high on dummies. To clarify, when it is said they parse "high" it actually means that they parse 8th out of 18 total dps specs in the game.
To be honest, that 8th parse only exists because Nyyah is crazy good with it AND has ridiculous crits in that parse. An average Concealment parse is 300-400 DPS lower, it's in the lower half of the DPS specs.

I don't think a sane person would say that Concealment parses high. I was sure that everyone knows that it's in the dumpster, completely outclassed by Lethality for PvE, same way as Focus is useless compared to Vigilance.

That said, I totally agree with you. There is almost no reason to ever use Concealment over Lethality in PvE. There are multiple reasons for that and you covered quite a few. My personal issue with Concealment has always been the lack of AoE. I can't imagine myself ever using concealment for general gameplay except for, may be, story leveling. Once it comes to the dailies/heroics/casual group content, Concealment just feels bad. Despite Lethality being heavily DoT focused, it's still better for all of those things (thank god for Toxic Haze DoT spread). And in harder endgame PvE it just doesn't bring anything to the group which isn't done better by Lethality. (except may be the immunity on roll but that has such limited uses that it is barely relevant.)

Here is a dilemma: Concealment has no AoE. So what is it going to do in an endgame fight? Burn single targets, most likely the boss. And then the question is why would I do that in Concealment when Lethality has much higher single target DPS AND can also drop solid AoE for trash...
Another thing to consider when playing burst specs is quick target switching. Like Deception vs Hatred - technically, Hatred has a bit more single target DPS and also higher AoE damage. But when it comes to frequent target swap Deception is so nuts that it's perfecly viable. Now look at concealment, you need a DoT ticking on the target to have your rotation working, so every time you swap, you need to refresh it. Which will kill your energy...

Poor Concealment needs something. It sucks to see how it turned into a PvP-only spec.
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