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Literally every player across Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and Black Desert Online has a sense for what an exploit is. They even prepare statements for when they might get banned for it. Only this forum seems to have a genuinely hard time to wrap their mind around the concept "if it's too good to be true, it probably is!"
Wow, every player? You must know a lot of people.

Snark aside, it's largely just a matter of the small stuff, I think, that concerns people. If you've never been in, or heard of, one of those situations where people get away with an exploit freely, report it and it doesn't get fixed, and then down the line, all of a sudden, some person or guild becomes a scapegoat and the company bans them, while leaving everybody else alone, then you probably don't understand.

Some of us have seen companies be inconsistent in punishing exploits, and/or play the "it should have been obvious" game to those they punish, while failing to address an exploit for months.

Not saying that will happen here, but that is where I am coming from on this. And keep in mind I am not someone who goes around looking for exploits. My usual MO when I see an exploit is to report it ASAP and move on with my life.
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