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03.02.2012 , 04:34 AM | #1
Officially today I have canceled both my accounts. I have two level 50 toons ( powertech and sage ) that will be shelved.

#1 reason I have left the game : extremely poor customer service. I have been playing MMOs since Everquest in 1999 religiously and I will no longer donate $30/mo for my two accounts to have my tickets for legitimate requests unanswered or deleted. Waiting 8 days for an automated response on your ticket is UNACCEPTABLE. There are plenty of MMOs that know and understand that pissing off your player base will not keep subscriptions.

After I had this problem, I posted a thread requesting help on these forums. My thread was promptly closed for "posting about moderator actions". I will not discuss this in this thread because although it is a contributing factor, will inevitably get this thread closed.

If you have had this experience whether you are still with the game or not /SIGN and tell bioware that their customers WILL NOT TOLERATE POOR OR NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.