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12.03.2013 , 07:53 PM | #11
I can not tell you how upset I am with starfighter. To do that I would have to use an extensive amount of verbal obscenities to the point most likely resulting in my getting banned. The problem being the twitchyness of the mouse controls... i sneeze and I do 18 bazzilion barrel rolls into an obstacle and poof game over.... I mess with my mouse sensitivity and discover the game is not playable regardless of setting. in short I would rather instigate Bacon / Jawa chat in /general then play starfighter.

On the other end of the scale, the customization of your fighter... that is amazing! Different crew members and assignments, all very cool. The overall customization in general I think is what players were hoping for as far as their own fleet ships.

If I had payed cash money for this content... i would have canceled my sub for the duration of the cost of the expansion out of spite.

Don't let my opinion sway you from tying it... might be just me.