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I think in regular War Zones all classes can work, if someone takes some time to learn them. Some classes are more difficult to others, but that is life. It is in Ranked Arenas where there is a HUGE problem since it is just a DPS fest that some classes become useless.
If all you care is your DPS nos then yes some classes are better to others to do that. It will always happen in any MMO with different classes. SWTOR has 4 x 3 a total of 12 different stances, of which six are healing and tanking. Then there is also the Dark and Light version abilities which in the past has favored one or the other due to the type of image it does.
Yeah, I am just saying they need to mix it up.

I don't care when one class or two seem to dominate, as you say that is always the case in PVP on games. However, it's been over 2 years that this present meta has been running.

They need to change it up. Make sorcs number one, or PTs, or operatives, change it up! Change some of the heals up, etc. I just grew a bit bored of the same meta for so long.

I didn't quit for that reason though, personally. I quit because I refuse to do another useless crappy gear grind with a brand new system overlapping the crate system.
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