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From a developer point of view having two divergent paths for gear is not good.

Also, some people may like double grinding for two sets of gear but I am not one of them.
Two different gear grinds isn't necessarily a problem. Where it comes problematic, in my mind, is when you have a PvE gear grind that is equally effective in PvP and has a higher gear level. Without expertise, the higher end PvE gear just gives too much of a benefit. That wasn't always the case and, I remember when Expertise came out, the full on PvP set player would trounce anyone in PvE gear, no matter the disparity in gear level. In turn, the problem with PvP gear was that you end up uber buffing the Tank+Healer combo.

There is a way to do it, I guess, in that you make it plausible trade pieces in and out, with an NPC. Or, you could keep PvP gear one level down from PvE gear but give an Expertise "aura" on every piece of PvP gear while simultaneously having Expertise reduce healing crit chance and critical healing amount. Being 90% of PvP capacity in PvE gear is fine. Being 90% of PvE capacity in PvP gear is fine. Being 100%+ of PvP capacity in PvE gear, with no repercussion, is bad and it gets worse by having a higher gear level.

I'm personally of the mind that SWTOR has always missed out on the trio of gear sources. Granted, I'm really out of touch with the current game, since I haven't played in 9-10 years (how long ago was it when they released Novare Coast?). But, there should always be an equal way of getting gear through raiding, PvP, and crafting. The levels don't need to be the same and the difficulty should always be equal. But, quest grinding, especially in avenues that people don't want to participate - I'm told that the Fighter aspect is sometimes a weekly requirement for a gear crystal? - is always bad. Make the gear process more fluid with options but ensure that gear with a primary focus excels at that focus and is weaker in the alternative space. People that focus on one aspect of the game should be rewarded, more so, by doing that and PvPers shouldn't have to resort to ranked play to get the Nightmare mode equivalent of gear, at least that was the way it was way back in the day.

By the way, since I'm kind of out of touch, if I'm wrong on any of the above, do me a solid and patiently tell me where I'm off. I'm still trying to catch up to everything that has changed.
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