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People have forgotten, rose tinted glasses, etc.

When pvp gear existed, and was easy to get, we still had pve leeches in matches, because max pvp gear was still better than their lower tier pve sets. We'd get the noob raiders

The real problem with pvp is apathy, and the return of expertise is not going to fix that.

If you want to deal with apathy, you need to make winning count for something, not just adding 8 UC instead of 20 to your UC grind. Warhammer Online had a system where random gear/loot was awarded to winners of a match. Nothing major or max level BIS, but some good stuff. I think they should go that route, randomly awarding a player on a winning team, biased toward teammates with good damage/heals/protection/objectives. They could make a whole line of BOE decos and pets for max level, mats and whatnot, and blues and purple gear for lowbies and mid.

Suddenly people want to win. Amazing.
This is a good point, and good idea. I think it is more than this though.

I believe a lot of the apathy from PVPers is also from the BS gearing system in place atm, as well as a totally stale meta that has had certain classes as apex predators while the same classes have been garbage for way too long.

This creates boredom and resentment among the PVPers.

Nothing like trying to min/max all your alts for PVP with a ****** gear system on top of keeping your favorite class shelved for 2+ years because it under-performs in the WZs and is simply no fun to play.

They really need to change up the power paradigm regarding the classes on this game, and making the gearing enjoyable or at least tolerable would be nice too.
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