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If you did it that many times, and still unable to kill him due to interference, you should've all taken a break for a while (pvp, different world boss, quest, whatever) and returned an hour or two later. You could still be griefed but only the most dedicated of skirmishers would camp a spot you all left for that long.

Most world boss locations also put them out of the main traffick areas. Assemble in small groups around their spawn sites if you feel a need to be covert. Generally a mass gathering of opposite faction members raises attention in general chat channels vs seeing a single group of enemies.
We only made 3 attempts, they would res 6-7 times each during an attempt. I think my phones swype mucked up my wording.

They didn't wipe us, but they caused enough of a distraction that the boss enraged each attempt. That's my only point. I get that pvp happens on a pvp server, I get that we need to keep our eyes open for enemy faction. It just irks me a little bit that they can just keep rezzing at the medical droid, ruin back and cause more trouble while individually being so ineffective.

To be clear: it sucks that by repeatedly throwing themselves to an assured death they were able to make us take so long that we hit the enrage timer