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Quote: Originally Posted by Ordryth View Post
ever tried buying blue mods/armoring/enhancements using those commendations you otherwise never use?

coz I did..

from a blue one to an orange, increased my armor by 70+ (more, but I don't want to exaggerate since I don't know the exact amount)

Yes, I am a tank, but this proves your issue, is either wrong, or just with light armor.

When you do an "upgrade" like that... you gotta look at the Armor Rating. If you are going from an armor rating 70 to a 65, then yes, your armor will drop like a rock.

But as I said above, equal armor rating down the board... the type of armor matters. Using Blue armor mods seems to be the standard (though I believe commendations should be greens to keep the crafter community rockin harder) so long as you are blue and equal rating, your Armor will be the same.

This holds true for Purple.

About the only thing you dont seem to get with Orange Armor is a chance for that 4th slot. You might, or might not, but I have not seen it yet.
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