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07.24.2019 , 06:16 PM | #1
I'm a returning player and conflicted about what type of Jedi to play (PvE, primarily solo story line).

I found the Jedi Sage/Shadow story line and companions boring, whereas the Jedi Sentinel/Guardian storyline and companions looked more like the experience I want to have.

The problem is, on the surface, it appears the Jedi Sentinels/Guardians are just hack-and-slash with no discernable Force attacks.

Is there a Jedi Sentinel or Guardian advanced class that utilizes more Force powers than the others? Are they fun Force powers or just like a hand-wave that has little to no visual feedback?

In an ideal world, I could play a Jedi Shadow in the Jedi Sentinel/Guardian story line, but, since I can't, what's the next best thing on the Jedi Sentinel/Guardian side?