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09.10.2019 , 12:46 AM | #13
It is going to take a lot of time to get close.
Right now my toon is almost 306
12080 mastery with buffs
15588 Endurance with buffs
6613 power
2088 crit
1249 alacrity
1524 Accuracy
using proficient stim 240acc99 crit, two crit gems and two 228 augments
missing 12 augments for 1152 points and 780 endurance.
not sure what the new augs have and the new stim is 24 more acc 10 more crit.
gives me roughly without changing gear about 6037 to use for those stats
1593 would get me 110.007% accuracy.
Around 3200 alacrity gives 15.35% closest I got so far was 3154 at 15.21% or over at 3585 at 16.58%
3200+1593 leaves only around 1244 for crit

1226 gives me 31.56% critical and 60.25% multiplier on my assassin.

So even if we could move the numbers around how we want them one of the stats will be low. if you go for the 1.3 GCD. My estimates puts about 300 to 350 more points on full 306 and then whatever the new rank 11 augments will be.

But you are very right in that we do not need all these other mods, or enhancements muddying up the water as is.
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