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09.09.2019 , 09:08 PM | #12
So out of all of the 80R-1 thru 80R-20 versions of enhancements, there is 1 version that has some value for min/max numbers, and then only when they are being used when you will be in level scaled content (so older ops).

The 80R-1 (level306) versions of enhancements have 313end , 255pwr, 451tertiary. Since End and Pwr are capped in the scaled content, there extra 18 points of tertiary stat over the un-lettered enhancement version has some (minor) use.

But that extra few points is NOT worth the trouble to grind out. I RE'd 10 stacks of 9999 medpacks for tech fragments buying the random mod box. I got a total of 5 80R-1 enhancements (1 acc, 2 alac, 2 crit).