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09.09.2019 , 02:48 PM | #11
I've been hesitating to write a post about mods (shorthand for all modification inserts for gear) because I'm so overwhelmed by how unmanageable this is in its current state, but here goes...

1) There are too many mod variants - thanks to OP for laying out exactly how serious a problem this currently is

2) There is no way to choose which mod one gets, so RNG x 20 just for a single mod. That means RNG x 480 for a full set of min/max. 'Nuff said...

3) No excuse for a fluctuating stat pool, I'm assuming this is a bug and will be fixed

I do appreciate the progress that's been made with gearing so far, I can see that BW is listening and some things are moving in the right direction. Mods and moddable gear, however, remain a looming issue and need to be addressed effectively.

To sum up my recommendations:

1) Remove all unmoddable gear from lvl 75
2) Reduce mod variants significantly, there is no need for micro adjustments, and commenters have effectively identified useless variants
3) Include a 100% ZERO RNG reliable way of acquiring mods The only place mods should be RNG is loot drops (both in loot dropped gear and when mods themselves drop).

Gear grind for player retention has already been proven ineffective and unpopular in several iterations of SWTOR. Have some faith that we'll stick around even after we're fully geared!