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That said, Powertech has better VFX than Vanguard as well.
Eh, I'm not sure about that anymore. A lot of skills like shoulder cannon and cell/energy burst look the same or nearly the same anymore and some of the best options have gotten nerfed visually. Flamethrower and Death from Above were amazing but wave and deadly onslaught are a lot less impressive.

I'd even give Plasmatech an edge over Pyro simply because Pyro has so much sameyness in its kit visually. Don't get me wrong Pyrotech looks nice but more than half of its core rotation is 'lift arm shoot fire'

There are still a few big wins for PT, flame sweep looks a lot nicer than explosive surge, I prefer rail shot to HiB and they have by far the better recharge effect, but I think at this point it really just comes down to whether or not you want lightning effects or fire effects.