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04.22.2012 , 02:43 PM | #1
So we all know that the operations frame needs improvement. I have a 2 part Idea to improve it. Part one of my idea is to organize the ops frame something like the Battlefield games, where the whole team, or in our case the Operation group, is broken into the 4 man squads. Move over, enable people to rearrange these groups with the new user interface function. OK, Part two of my idea, throw some star wars into this mix and bring it home! Name all the squads with names from star wars. Example in a New Hope when the X-wing squadron is coming in for the attack on the Deathstar, "Red 2 standing by, Red 3 standing bye...ect". So to reiterate, A operation will have the 4 man squads, much like Battlefield, but instead of squad names like Alpha, Bravo... we have Star wars squad names. This is my Idea BW you have my permission to use it! gogogogo! RED THREE STANDING BY!