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Hello there,
I've come back again in the game after two years and I've tried to figure out tha greater changes in Assassins but I have some confusion.

Since I don't want to spec it as a tank, I can't understand what's the current best PVE oriented build between Hatred and Deception.
I know I know that a perfect answer could be: "play your favourite one" but I don't want to use an underpowered character just becuase I'm used to one particoular build. I know also that Sin has been nerfed from the last time I used it, but no problem, that's how these games work.

So, in the end, what's better? I can't find an updated guide on dulfy. What to do?
Thank you
Hatred is a bit better, but in general they are both average at best so if you have a big dislike towards Hatred then play Deception.
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